Like the teaser this new trailer starts right off with “My name is Domino Harvey. I am a bounty hunter. (And this is all based on a true story…sort of.) Good old Tony Scott, keeping things simple so he can hammer us with visual style. The trailer quickly sets up characters that I’m betting don’t become any more fleshed out in the final product. If I sound bitter towards this project, it’s because Scott’s previous film, MAN ON FIRE, gave me a week long headache, and DOMINO looks even more aggressive. The offbeat comedy works better here than in the teaser. I love the goldfish reaction shot and Christopher Walken’s moment. I’m still not convinced Keira Knightley is strong enough to carry the picture, which leaves a big void at the center that Scott will probably fill at 50 shots a second.
THE MOMENT THAT STOLE MY MONEY: “Use Knumchucks. Knumchucks are good.”
TRAILER RATING: 4 out of 10