STRONG B.O.: Virgin On Top

The weekend numbers are in, and it just goes to prove that I’m terrible at predicting box office. With it’s larger screen count and PG-13 rating, I would have put my money on RED EYE for the #1 slot, but more people turned up to see THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN.

While Universal’s early June release of CINDERELLA MAN was completely wrong, its positioning of VIRGIN was spot on. The film opened just as WEDDING CRASHERS high was starting to wear down.

Dropping just 2.5%, the penguins just keep on marching. It even beat out Disney’s bird film, the CG Animated VALIANT. That’s not too surprising. VALIANT is actually a British picture that was picked up by Disney for stateside distribution. With a trailer full of obvious jokes and potty humor, Disney was smart to keep the ad budget small, and I expect this will be a more profitable film on home DVD.



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