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Anyone into movies knows about the web sites for Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert, JoBlo, IMDB and Ain't It Cool News.
While I respect those popular sites, I would like to suggest some others that, in my strong opinion, deserve to be bookmarked.

Coming Soon
Which tends to post trailers earlier than most sites.

Movie List Classics
Nearly 300 of the finest trailers ever made. Don't let the heading fool you. Most clips are post-1980, when previews became the fast-cutting, high-energy eye candy you see today.

Find out the familiar and/or really cool piece of music in a trailer or TV ad.

Film Rotation
Pure geek. I could do without the endless "name that quote" contests and the newly added "DVD commentaries you'll never hear", but there is a nice balance of information, opinion and links to film related articles around the web.

Twitch Film
Twitch is one of my personal favorite websites. They pretty much cover what they feel like, but the content tends to skew towards foreign language genre material. (aka movies that would be big hits here if not for pesky subtitles.) They will discuss American cult items like MEMENTO and SERENITY, but most of the time it's films like ONG BAK, SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE and stuff where Jackie Chan doesn't speak English.

Movie Poop Shoot
Once a joke from JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, Movie Poop Shoot has become a genuine presence and a legitimate force to be recokened with. Covering movies, television, music, comics, video games and pop culture in general, the staff here is chock-full-of intelligent writers with strong opinions. (I gotta like that.)
In particular, I'm a regular reader of "DVD Diatribe", "Game On" (video games), "Comics 101" (excellent background info on comic book movies before you enter the theatre), "International Intrigue" (foreign films), "Critical Mess" (funny quotes from critics on movies that s-u-c-k), and a personal fav. of mine "Strange Impersonation" which leads me to...

Sunset Gun
Kim Morgan. (Sigh)

She writes for "Strange Impersonation" and runs this, her own blog. Kim is the rarest type of human being, for Kim Morgan is a Female Fim Geek. (How rare? Try Googling "female film geek". You'll get 5 hits. One is about a guy looking for a female film geek while another is about Kim.) Read her articles and you'll find someone who is truly in love with cinema, and unafraid to write unpopular opinions. She has brains and guts and she loves movies. That fact that she's also very sexy is an unnecessary but welcome bonus.

So much better than the wildly popular "Rotten Tomatoes". Metacritic reviews extend beyond movies, covering music, books and video games. Rather then a simple thumbs up/thumbs down system, metacritic uses the old classroom style of rating movies from 0-100% so you can see just HOW fresh or rotten a film is. Finally, Metacritic uses very few internet writers, relying almost solely on printed journalists. Harry Knowles and his posse have no effect here.

Muppets From The Balcony
Most people can't tell you who came first, Siskel & Ebert or those two old guys in the balcony of "The Muppet Show". Here, we come full circle as the cranky and hysterical Statler & Waldorf review current releases while other Muppets provide interviews and commentaries. Not the best for an informed opinion, but damn funny. ("If the plane in STEALTH is really super intelligent, why did it chose this screenplay?")

Box Office Mojo
Want to know how much money a movie made? What about it's worldwide gross? Where does it rank on the all time chart? And so, so much more. This site is not only exhaustingly comprehensive, it's also usually the first place on the web to post daily and weekly box office numbers.


Blogger Humby said...

good list of movie sites... i didn't know about some of them. other ones that i really like are and i am positive that you know about these, but i still think they are worth mentioning. also, if you are a pt anderson fan, i reccomend

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Gombo said...

Awesome list. I'll actually need to check out the film geek chick's site. A good complement to twitch is Dreamlogic. They're much smaller (only two people run it) but they cover some interesting films.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a female film geek. fyi :) But yes...a rare species we are.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous upcoming movies said...

I am a music lover. You have a good collection of all the links. The list is amazing. I will definitely check out the music link to find good stuff for myself. Thanks.

11:04 PM  

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