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You're reading the very first post from a guy who has a lot to say and likes to share it with the world, even though it will probably only be read by the same five friends who get e-mails from me anyway.


If you like movies, like talking about movies, like discussing trends and you're keeping a list of films you mean to get around to watching someday, then this is a good blog to bookmark.

I watch a lot of movies (thank you for inventing NetFlix) and I like to watch the films that I "heard" were good to see if it's true (THE MACHINIST) or not (MORVERN CALLAR). I'm also a big fan of asian cinema and you'll hear me talk a lot about the great films coming from there (in particular South Korea).

If you are struggling to make a career in the entertainment business, especially movies or television, and particulary as a writer...then this is a good blog to bookmark. And I'd appreciate any feedback you would like to give.

Which brings me to a very important point. IF YOU THINK I CREATED THIS BLOG TO TRY AND SELL MY SCRIPTS, you are very wrong. While I will be discussing my struggles in the business, I will be protecting my anonymity so as not to shoot myself in the foot career-wise or bite any hand that might want to feed me. All discussions regarding my job will be specific, yet vague (much like this sentence.) For example, instead of giving a title, I will simply refer to a script as "My Comedy" or "My Thriller". I also have no designs on posting any of my scripts or e-mailing them to anybody.

Now that we all know the rules...let's play the feud.


Blogger Humby said...

i look forward to reading your upcoming blogs...
i am also a film person...

4:44 PM  

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