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BREAKFAST ON PLUTO is the latest from Neil Jordan (THE CRYING GAME, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE) and stars one of the newest breakout stars of the moment, Cillian Murphy. This is a story of a homosexual transvestite named Patrick (or “Kitten”) who goes in search of his mother after being alienated and ostracized all of his life. I won’t give anything else away as far as the plot goes, but the main reason to see this movie is the rich characters and the great acting, particularly the incredible performance by Murphy.

Kitten is a very interesting character. He/she is deeply wounded, confused and bitter due to being abandoned at birth and being ‘different’ all of his life. With all of this, he still looks at the world through wide, innocent eyes that make you can’t help but root for him. In a way he reminded me of a transvestite Forrest Gump.
On this journey, he meets a cast of fantastic characters played by great actors such as Liam Neeson, Stephen Ray, and Brendan Gleeson. While all of these characters are unique and eccentric, they always feel real. The fantastical journey that Kitten undergoes never loses that emotional base, keeping you involved in what is happening to him. All that Kitten ever wants is to love and be loved in return. Murphy captures Kitten’s vulnerability, strength and determination to near perfection.

This is a difficult movie with a tone that requires a delicate balancing act all the way through. Jordan delivers. The movie is broken up in to 36 different chapters, which serve as a commentary on the events. This is a comedy as much as it is a drama.

The movie is bookended by two little birds, overseeing the world of humans and commenting on it to each other. At one time they even quote Oscar Wilde. (That’s the kind of film this is.) Literate birds, transvestites, priests, make believe and fantastical characters. If you want to see something different, check this one out. One of the best so far at the festival.


Anonymous Zoe said...

Thanks for the great review, yours is the first decent one I've seen :) I saw the film at TIFF and was completely blown away by it. Looking forward to seeing it again.

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