STRONG B.O. – America’s Favorite Movie Is…Am I Reading This Correctly?

In another indicator that I know nothing about predicting the box office, TRANSPORTER 2 took the top slot with just over $20 million. (The original film only earned $25 million in its entire run.) Now, I’m a big fan of dumb action, and the trailer is full of impossibly cool stunts, but I'm going to feel a lot less guilty seeing it on DVD. Apparently people didn’t want to wait three months. I expect we’ll see a new TRANSPORTER movie every other year until writer/producer Luc Besson runs out of car stunts. (He used to be France’s Spielberg , but now he’s become their version of Jerry Bruckheimer.)

And while THE CONSTANT GARDENER landed in 3rd, it only opened on 1300 screens, less then half of any other film in the top 5. I don’t think the film will hang around for too long, but let’s please not start making comparisons to CINDERELLA MAN.

Last week, WEDDING CRASHERS had narrowed the gap with CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY to under $10 million. This week it’s down to $5.5. CHARLIE also crossed $200 million, joining Warner Brother’s other big summer movie BATMAN BEGINS. Funny how both films cost $150 million and both have now earned just over $200 million. That’s just enough profit to cover their losses for A SOUND OF THUNDER (which opened in 17th place.)

THE SKELETON KEY made enough money this weekend to cover its reported $43 million dollar budget, thus ensuring that Kate Hudson will continue to headline movies, even though she’s only given one great performance in her entire career. (Kirsten Dunst has at least the same amount of talent and the same level of success – not counting the SPIDER-MAN films – but Hollywood feels she can only do supporting work. Why is that? Does anyone even still remember HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS?)


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