Freaky Links: More Stupid Spoiled Celebrities

Katie Holmes is pregnant. (It's on every other site, so why not me.) When you heard the news, did you say...

A) "Who's the father?"

B) "But she's not even married."

C) "How?"

My point being that rather than read celebrity news and gossip, I look for sites that poke fun at the often ridiculous behavior of those we call celebrities. In my links column, I have a section for 'Stupid Spoiled Celebrities". It was brought to my attention by Point Blank, that while The Superficial has grown stale, the void has been filled by two new sites - I Don't Like You In That Way and What Would Tyler Durden Do - which I added to my links.
[Be Warned: these merciless attacks are often Not Safe For Work.]

I'd also like to mention that my review of WALK THE LINE has popped up on a New Zeland site which is posting select reviews of the film.


Anonymous sherlock said...

Saw that Tom Cruise thing on Youtube the other day. Shame he's turned into such a crank, i really liked Topgun

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to be looking for hospital chairs at work but i keep getting side-tracked by amusing blogs. Excellent work!

8:40 AM  

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