Strong Opinion, Wrong Opinion

It goes against Webster's definition, but in the world of film criticism from time to time a person's Strong Opinion is wrong. I can watch a movie and have a particular reation to it, yet find that nearly everyone else feels a different way. In those cases, I look at my review as the Minority Voice, giving comfort and some validation to the few who also don't agree with the majority.

Case In Point, I had a very mixed reaction to GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK. I think it's well-meaning but deeply flawed.

My correspondant Humby, thinks the film is easily one of the year's absolute best, and will probably land in his Top 3 for 2005.

Critical and public reaction to the film is overwhelmingly positive, which puts me in an awkward position. But I'm sticking to my guns. I do have serious problems with the film, and I plan to directly address some of Humby's issues in a future post. But it appears in this case, my Strong Opinion is wrong.

Read my mixed review here.

Read Humby's very positive review here.


Blogger Humby said...

just because your "strong opinion" differs from others doesn't make it any less valid. you disagree with me as we as the majority of critics... nothing wrong with that. i was in a similar situation this year with the critical darling ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW... i think that it is a piece of garbage. i think that i am about the only one, but i stick to that opinion. stay strong...

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