STRONG B.O.: The Good News Is SERENITY's DVD Will Arrive In Stores Any Day Now

Dreamworks predicted WALLACE & GROMIT IN THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT would make up to $14 million this weekend, and budgeted their ad campaign accordingly. They got $16 million instead. They aimed the film at kids. Turns out, 75% of the audience this weekend was over 25 years of age.

Dreamworks blew it.

But I can’t really blame them. Wallace & Gromit have a strong cult following, as does George A. Romero’s zombie movies (LAND OF THE DEAD total: $20 million) and last week’s SERENITY (dropping 47% to go from 2nd place to 8th.)

On a side note, film critic Richard Roeper is a jerk. Sure everyone is entitled to their own strong opinion, but he gave thumbs down to WALLACE & GROMIT which is like giving thumbs down to french fries. Listen to this audio clip where he breaks Ebert’s heart.

FLIGHTPLAN had the smallest drop in the top 10, hanging in there at #2 with a total haul of $61 million so far. This passes RED EYE’s take of $58 million. Look for them to double bill this Christmas on an ocean liner near you.

IN HER SHOES, starring Cameron Diaz, brought in $10 million on 2808 screens. That’s $3,567 per screen.
In 2002, Diaz’s THE SWEETEST THING opened at $9.4 million on 2670 screens. That’s $3,532 per screen.

I’m the only one amused that Screen Gems released THE GOSPEL, and their last film was THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE.

In Overseas News:

FOX has 4 of this year’s Worldwide Top 10 with STAR WARS (#1), MR. AND MRS. SMITH (#5), FANTASTIC FOUR (#8) and ROBOTS (#10).

Funnyman Adam Sandler has carried THE LONGEST YARD to $188 million worldwide. But he’s no match for Vin Diesel whose comedy THE PACIFIER took in $197 million.

And finally…don’t cry for Michael Bay. THE ISLAND has earned $124 million so far overseas, bringing it’s worldwide total to $160 million.


Blogger Point Blank said...

Yeah! cry for Mike Bay...that ain't gonna happen. Conversation between the cerebral Ben Affleck and Mike:
Ben: Wouldn't it make more sense to teach astronauts to drill than the other way around?
Mike: Shut the F'up!
That's right, I've watched the Criterion commentary of Armageddon. I'm sick like that.

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