Link Dump: Catching Up With The Web

Now that the Oscars are over (although the CRASH upset controversy continues) it's time to get back to what really matters, downloading fun things that delay that great screenplay you keep promising to write.

Here are 4 things you might have seen on 1000 other sites already, but if not you need to download them right now. (Click the title for the Link.)

Brokeback Bunnies: Forget the dozen lame parodies of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. The guys who run 30 Second Bunny Theatre provide the one that's worth watching. (If you haven't seen the film already, please don't click the link.)

Natalie Portman's "Suck My...": The minds behind SNL's now classic "Lazy Sunday" return with pixie Portman making a very convincing gangsta rapper. Scary and Hot in equal measures.
Click Here For The Lyrics

Toy Story 2: Requiem: I love me them trailer mash-ups. This one takes audio from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and images from TOY STORY 2. It's funny, startling and really well done.

X-Men 3 - Final Trailer: Kudos to Fox marketing for a trailer that doesn't feel like the film was directed by hack Brett Ratner. I had strong reservations, but now I'm genuinely excited.


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