A Perfect Gentleman

I wanted to talk about someone else who passed away without getting the special mention on this site that he deserved.

I recently purchased the box set of the complete series of “The West Wing”, which I think is one of the finest television shows ever put on the air. I had the great pleasure of working on one of the episodes as a production assistant – “Debate Camp” from Season 4 – and it’s there that I had the pleasure to meet John Spencer.

Spencer arrived on set, and immediately walked over to me as if he sensed there was somebody new around. He held out his hand and said, “How are you? My name’s John.”

I shook his hand and gave him my name in return. He smiled a warm grin adding, “So glad you could be with us.”

Completely star struck, and wanting to blurt out 100 ways that I love the show I simply said, “I know who you are.”

Spencer coolly replied, “Yes…and now I know who you are.”

He was a real gentleman of the old school, with a graceful presence I’ve never experienced from anyone else in this business. I was sad when he passed away on Dec. 16 2005, and I still miss him today.


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