Razzle Dazzle: HOT FUZZ

If all you know about British zombie films is 28 DAYS LATER, you need to rent SHAUN OF THE DEAD right now. (If you haven't seen either, have I got a double bill for you.) SHAUN is both funny and scary as well as stupid/clever, crass/sophisticated and both a homage and a deconstruction of the zombie genre.

Now the same team of writers. director and cast are back with a fresh look at the buddy cop genre. It's called HOT FUZZ and the first half of the trailer is decent, but the 2nd half is gangbusters.
(FYI, The music in the beginning is from the trailers for the LETHAL WEAPON films.)
MOMENT THAT STOLE MY MONEY: The quick shot when the cop leaps up to kick an old lady in the face.
TRAILER RATING: 8 our of 10

Click here for the trailer
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