Have You Rented...PRIDE

I love watching Terrence Howard act. Ever since his 1-2 combo of CRASH and HUSTLE & FLOW back in 2005, I've taken the mere appearance of Howard as the sign of something special. Even in a film as bad as IDLEWILD, he didn't let me down.
With PRIDE, Howard takes the lead role again, and all that makes him special is right there on display...the quiet command, the unexpected smile, and the watery eyes as his voice cracks with heartbreak. ("I've worked so hard to get here.") Goddamn he's good.
In fact, I'm not even sure if PRIDE would stand as a good film without him. The script feels a bit thin, the pace is somewhat slack, and the racism isn't nearly as hard-edged as it must have been when these events really took place.
But Howard charges right out of the gate with an opening sequence that grabs you by the throat. He elevates standard material, much like Denzel did with REMEMBER THE TITANS. From the interaction with the kids to the pep talks, all the key moments feel fresh and real. There's a key scene, right in the middle, where Howard dresses down his team for their behavior. It's wonderfully handeled, and proof that he is here to stay. (Possibly even better is the following scene where Howard conveys so much without saying a word.)
PRIDE reminded me of a very similar film from last year, AKEELAH & THE BEE. That was also powered by a strog lead, real heart, and a strong sense of community. Both films did dismal business and both films deserve much better.

(I realize I didn't mention Bernie Mac, who also stars. He's fine, but no matter what you do he only knows how to be Bernie Mac. At least this is similar to OCEAN'S 11 and nothing like GUESS WHO?)


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This is the most inspiring moving I have watched after almost a very long time. Its beautifully filmed and has an inspiring story and is about values.

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