The Top Directors Working Today: Pedro Almodovar

We all have personal likes and dislikes. Later on I’ll bring up a mostly unpopular director with a small but rabid cult that I am a member of. There are 3 major directors that I personally feel are highly overrated. The first one I want to bring up is Pedro Almodovar.

I concede being in the minority. My favorites from Pedro are the period between MATADOR and LIVE FLESH. In the films that followed, I think he spins his narrative into too many side trips, and the melodramatic flourishes (both narrative and visual) I used to find playful, now distract me.

To give a comparison, I love the films of Wong Kar-Wai who is also no stranger to wandering narratives and melodrama. However, WKW’s images I find to be delicately romantic and lush in a dreamy way. Almodovar’s paints with more of a lurid brush, opting for self-consciously loud and wacky patterns on his characters and interior design.

Tell me I'm wrong and defend this Top Director.


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