What’s the difference between a Film Nerd and a Film Geek? A Film Nerd knows Godzilla, while a Geek clicked on the trailer link before reading any further. This trailer has all the cheese you expect, and some action (including quite a bit with humans) that looks pretty darn cool. We get invisible cyber-ninjas, smashed model buildings, a well-armed military with high-tech weapons, and about a half-dozen monsters including a Mothra cameo that no great Godzilla movie could be without. (Who cares if the trailer isn’t in English.) It looks like the big lizard finally has a movie as large as he is, and my inner child just got a glimpse of film geek heaven.
THE MOMENT THAT STOLE MY MONEY: 2 quick shots (about a minute and a half in) of Godzilla giving a tail lashing to what looks like the American Godzilla …and Mothra.
TRAILER RATING: 8 out of 10