Not So Hot Button

One of my inspirations, and one of the main reasons for starting my own web page was film analyst David Poland. Usually every day, Poland writes reviews and insightful articles covering studio deals and box officie trends on his site The Hot Button. He's the kind of critic who could get you excited to see a movie or help you understand why a project failed.

Somewhere along the way, his opinions became increasingly...well wrong. Of course everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but a good critic will have a view that jives with the general public. I think for me, I began to notice his decent into madness when he wouldn't stop talking about how masterful the MATRIX sequels were. And I could point out his advance review of ENDURING LOVE,

which he ceaselessly called last year's masterpiece (only to "forget" to include it in his top 10 when the year concluded.) A lot of his readers point to when he saw THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and picked it as the clear choice for Best Picture.

Over time he's become even worse. Which brings me to my point.

Click to his article on why skinny women lead to better box office, and let your jaw hit the floor.

Some strong opinions people should keep to themselves.


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