Oscar Hype: MUNICH

Oscar pundits are quick to point to MUNICH as this year’s front-runner for Best Picture. It’s got the story, the pedigree and the same quiet storm that pushed MILLION DOLLAR BABY over the competition last year. Nobody, save for director Steven Spielberg, his editor and a few close friends has seen anything more than the trailer.

Critics and columnists are in serious danger of killing MUNICH’s Oscar chances by setting the bar too high. I fear if the film is merely great instead of a masterpiece (let alone just pretty good), its flaws will become magnified under the intense scrutiny.
Admit it, Spielberg has proven himself to be one of the greatest directors of all time, but his last few films have been an uneven bag with seriously great moments sharing the same space with seriously flawed ones. He deserves respect and admiration, but he’s far from infallible even when doing great work.

It’s like audiences and journalists are desperately searching for the next great film. You want to see a great film? Try showing up for NORTH COUNTRY, THE CONSTANT GARDENER or CINDERELLA MAN.

2046 and OLDBOY are great films too, but they didn’t achieve the financial success of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON so it’s like they never opened.

This is a good year for movies with some great contributions to both art and entertainment. We shouldn’t be so anxious to call MUNICH the Oscar front runner, when it’s not even finished yet.


Anonymous Popsicle Stand said...

Oscar hype tends to make me sick of the movie before it opens, therefore possibly defeating the purpose of marketing the film in the first place.

I agree, let the film finish before you start pumping it up.

I also think this will be a great year for movies (in comparison to this almost blah year we're leaving). I have the feeling though that it won't show much in the theater ticket sales, but in other forms of distribution.

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