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My friends have known for a while I would eventually post about Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine. Now that he's released a Greatest Hits CD (Sunny Side Of The Moon) and did an interview on the web, I figure now's as good a time as any.
For those that don't know Cheese specializes in taking current Hard Rock, Rap and Pop favorites and reinventing them into Vegas style swing numbers. His best covers include Nirvana's "Rape Me", Nine Inch Nails' "Closer", "Milkshake" by Kelis and "Fell In Love With A Girl" by The White Stripes.
If you haven't heard Cheese and his band mates Bobby Ricotta, Gordon Brie, Frank Feta, Martin Provolone, Guy Roblechon and Herman Munster cut loose on Radiohead's "Creep", then you haven't heard Shakespeare the way it was meant to be performed.
Click Here for an Interview and Sample Clips.
Click Here to browse through the official web site, and see what other songs have been covered in Cheese.

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Blogger April & Isis said...

He has to be the most entertaining man on the planet- I am going to have to make a trip to Vegas to see him someday. I thought I was the only one who knew about him, but I just found out EVERYONE knows about him and loves him!

8:33 AM  

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