Cleaning Out My Closet

I thought of ranting on the terrible choices for Golden Globe nominations, but it's already been over-analyzed more than the subject deserves. Instead, here's some more interesting items.

1. If you’re a film geek, a true fan of the cinematic art, there are some films you’re required to watch as a rite of passage: CITIZEN KANE, BIRTH OF A NATION, UN CHIEN ANDELAU, 2001, CASABLANCA, I AM CUBA, DOUBLE INDEMNITY etc.
One of the least known, but equally important is Kenneth Anger’s SCORPIO RISING. In less than 30 minutes Anger layers popular music over a mix of motorcycle fetishism, homoeroticism and Nazi fascism. The technique predates AMERICAN GRAFFITTI and MEAN STREETS.

The film is definitely more art than cinema and it very easily may not be your cup of tea, but if you’re a true fan of the history and art of cinema, it’s a must watch.

CLICK HERE to begin your experience. (It’s presented in 3 parts.)
CLICK HERE to read rave reviews and analysis on IMDB

2. With each passing day, I’m becoming increasingly interested in David Lynch’s new film INLAND EMPIRE. I have mixed feelings towards Lynch, but I think MULHOLLAND DR. is his masterpiece. The film (shot on cruddy standard-def) is nearly 3 hours long, but the trailer (CLICK HERE ) is very interesting. (By The Way, the song in the trailer is written and sung by Lynch himself.)

3. A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly briefly mentioned a wicked piece of flash animation called “Battle Of The Bands” which featured many famous album covers in a violent brawl. If you didn’t see it, CLICK HERE. It’s one of the best shorts on the internet.

4. If you want to know the differences between the theatrical cut of TALLADEGA NIGHTS and the recent DVD release, CLICK HERE. It’s surprisingly different. They even removed a couple of scenes for the DVD.


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