2007: Year Of The Grindhouse...Like It Or Not

One of the most discussed film stories in 2007 was the much-hyped release of GRINDHOUSE. The Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature was a tremendous failure and every armchair critic with a blog posted theories about what went wrong. Much was said about the two film nerds trying to bring back a genre the public didn't care about.

What I found interesting is that the dynamic duo weren't the only ones with this idea. All year long, films would show up that recreated the Grindhouse experience. (Most were filmed at a more Grindhouse sized budget too.) Alphabetically, here are 10 more Grindhouse films from 2007. Which 2 do you think would have made for a better double feature than PLANET TERROR & DEATH PROOF?

Youth gone wild, teens in trouble, and their parents who just don't get it. Plus there's booze, drugs and sex (gratuitous nudity included), and a deep moral message about how kidnapping is bad.

Remember those cheesy, low-budget, "when animals attack" films, where the killers would be everything from armies of spiders to bunny rabbits?

One of the more obvious examples. A film promising lots of sex, and heat and button pushing about race and gender.

I could have put in any of the Torture Porn films (like CAPTIVITY or HALLOWEEN), but I decided to pick on Eli Roth because he's trying so hard. (Oh my God! He killed a child...yawn.)

This makes more sense if you've seen the film, which has elements of both British gangster pics and Hammer Studios horror.

This time the British try to copy our slasher film formula (with dry wit to let you know it's all in cheeky fun). Made Grindhouse by some outlandish secrets and sleazy Euro-sex.

This one opened my eyes to the Grindhouse all around because the plot is EXACTLY THE SAME as the MACHETE trailer in Grindhouse.

An all-star cast of has-been's and wanna be's unleash every weapon known to man. Like a typical Grindhouse picture, you have to sit through way, way too much talking getting to far too little fireworks.

The teen-sex comedy filtered through REVENGE OF THE NERDS. The filmmakers are proudest about how this uses the F-word more than any Scorsese film.

Two B-list stars, a hammy villain, filmed mostly on 1 set, full of sleazy atmosphere. As easy to consume as a White Castle slider. Just as nourishing and just as memorable.


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