Top Commentary: Allen, Coppola & Polanski

On Woody Allen:
If Woody can quite his Scarlett Johansson obsession, and maybe work with actors his own age (or there abouts), we may see some more good Woody.
-- Marquis Wowser of Lancashire

I added that he might also improve if he took a little more time crafting his scripts.

On Francis Ford Coppola:
Youth Without Youth was his last chance.

Francis Ford Coppola I feel, has one more great film in him. The problem is that it's not very likely we'll ever see it. I'm talking about of course, Megalopolis.
--the void99

On Roman Polanski:
I think The Pianist showed us all that Polanksi still had it in him. It took him a few years and a lot of dreck, but he eventually found a way to create a masterpiece. I think he still has that magic, although it may require another few years before we witness it again.
-- Edgar Chaput

For the last word, here's a comment about all 3:
Many a great director has a bit of a renaissance at the end of their careers, often creating some of their best work (Ran, Seven Women, Limelight, El Dorado, Late Autumn, F For Fake, etc). I don't see any reason why these guys couldn't.


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