Top Commentary: Wes Anderson

It seems people are pretty split on the current state of Wes Anderson. According to the poll on

29% think he used to be Great and he'll be Great again.
26% say "What slump? He's as Great as ever."
13% think he used to be Great, but are not sure if he'll be Great again.
13% think he's Good, but he's never been Great.
19% feel he's Always been overrated.

I haven't liked a single Wes Anderson movie. I like the music and they look pretty good, but I don't like the characters or the stories.

I think all of his films are at least very good, if not great. They certainly get better with repeated viewing.

I can appreciate how good his films look, and the color and framing choices he makes, but it's hard for me to get into the stories or care about the shallow characters.

I unfortunately have trouble digesting his style. It's all a bit too detached for me.

Darjeeling may have been his weakest film but it hardly constitutes a slump. He's still making great films and will continue to.

This time I'll get the last word...
I think you'd have to count the big disappointment that is Life Aquatic as well. When Darjeeling comes after Life Aquatic you have to wonder what's going on. Ever since Owen stopped co-writing, the scripts have felt like 1st drafts with underdeveloped characters and tacked on emotions.


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