Top Commentary: J.J. Abrams & Joss Whedon

First of all on a poll I posted over at

38% think J.J. Abrams has Greatness in him.
43% think Abrams is good but don't see him achieving greatness.
29% think Abrams should stick to television.

51% think Joss Whedon has Greatness in him.
17% think Whedon is good but don't see him achieving greatness.
32% think Whedon should stick to television.

Abrams is the one I find most promising, though both still have a lot to prove.
--El Duderino

I'm definitely biased in favor of Joss. He's got some great moments, and the nearly silent Buffy episode "Hush" shows he's got some talent. His strength lies in his writing, and this can lead to greatness.

Abrams seems to have one flaw that I feel holds him back from being great. On the human level, everyone is so serious, except for the designated comic relief guy. In the Jossverse, everyone gets to be funny, which allows me to feel much more for them and helps me accept them when they have to be serious.

I'll give Tequila the last word...
"I think Abrams might be a good director and Whedon is a good writer. They should work together."


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