This is an unusual situation because I've already seen the film and it's one of the years very best. The trailer takes a while to get going, and early scenes are played oddly for laughs. The mid-section is effective and properly conveys the powerful drama. Charlize's Midwestern accent feels a bit forced in the trailer (it's not at all) and you only get a glimpse of just how good she is in this film. The end of the trailer makes excellent use of the Oasis song "Part Of The Queue", but wraps itself too tightly in the nobility of the story, which the actual film never does. The final beat falls flat. Plus there's a character revelation that doesn't occur until near the film's end and it's a major spoiler.
THE MOMENT THAT STOLE MY MONEY: "Whether you win or lose, you stand up"
TRAILER RATING: 5 out of 10