Stuck In My Head: SNL’s “Lazy Sunday”

Jack Black hosted what was by far the best episode of Saturday Night Live this season. Jack sang two great songs (“King Kong” and “Spelling Bee”), but the song that everyone is talking about is “Lazy Sunday” by Chris Parnell and new cast member Andy Samberg.

The song and video have become so popular that NBC released it as a free download on Itunes.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because Andy’s been making these kind of funny raps for a while now as a member of The Lonely Island. If “Lazy Sunday” leaves you hungry for more, be sure and check out “Stork Patrol”, “Ka-Blamo” and the popular favorite “Just 2 Guys”.

Also on the site is a parody of “The O.C.” entitled “The ‘Bu” (as in Malibu) which features Sarah Chalke, and a failed Fox pilot entitled “Awesometown”. The show’s not that great, but the opening song and Special Guest Star introduction are well worth your time.


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