AMC Really Goes Inside The Actors Studio

It’s no secret that American Movie Classics no longer deserves its lofty title. The movies they show are often far from “classic”. They’re also edited for content, broken up by commercials every 10 minutes and rarely broadcast in their original widescreen.

As for original programming, I admit to watching “Sunday Morning Shootout” where Producer Peter Guber and Variety editor Peter Bart show how out of touch they are in comparison to everyone from Entertainment Weekly to you. The show has improved, mainly by devoting more time to their guests and only a few minutes towards their off-the-mark observations.

Now AMC has a show that’s really worth checking out, and anyone who watches “Inside The Actors Studio” pay attention.
It’s called “Movies 101” and is hosted (like Actor’s Studio) by a highly esteemed NY University professor. (If you want to see Richard Brown’s really impressive credentials click here. For a list of actors that Mr. Brown has interviewed click here.)

“Movies 101” is the show “Inside The Actor’s Studio” used to be. Rather than try and cover an entire career, “Movies 101” selects a couple of key movies and gets into the guest’s particular process that leads to coming up with certain inspired choices. (A recent show on Kevin Kline only discussed A FISH CALLED WANDA, SOPHIE’S CHOICE and THE BIG CHILL.)

“Movies 101” has hosted Willem DaFoe, Martin Scorsese and the notoriously unreachable Daniel Day-Lewis. Next up is George Clooney, followed by Julianne Moore.


Blogger Humby said...

well rub me raw and call my suzy... you just gave me another season pass on my TiVo... THANKS CUTSHAW!!!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Art D'Alessandro said...

AMC'S shows are a "can't miss" in our home. Would love to know what the closing music for MOVIES 101 is. My wife says it's a rif on "Peter and the Wolf". Any help would be appreciated.

9:12 AM  

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