WONDER SHOWZEN answers your questions

I just watched Season 1 of the subversive MTV2 series "Wonder Showzen." Think of a blender mix of "South Park", "The Daily Show", "TV Funhouse", "Mystery Science Theatre", "Chapelle's Show" and THE ARISTOCRATS. One of my favorite regular segments involved kids giving very cerebral answers to some of life's big questions. Below are some examples, which is a good indicator to see if this show is something you want to check out for yourself.

Lack of identity
Desire for welfare
Ignored prayers

A cowards whoobie
When you order six-piece nuggets and they give you seven
I'll never know
A day without my pills

Dry sheets in the morning
I wish I had my innocence back.
I wish the screaming would start.

Something that happens long time
An emotional mine field
A sissy excuse
Ask my cell mate
A neural-chemical con job
Who cares, I'’m going to Cabo! Whoo!...I hate myself.

Boy has a penis and girl has...fur.
Girls deserve respect. Boys earn it.
When you kick a girl between the legs, they just giggle.
The glass ceiling...girls are really good at washing it.
Why don'’t you ask God. SHE'LL tell you.


Blogger Jesse Thorn said...

I interviewed the Wonder Showzen guys on my radio show/podcast. It was a very strange experience.

5:53 PM  

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