Strong B.O.: Bad Buzz Fails To Crack Code

At least when I miss, I miss by a mile.

THE DA VINCI CODE opened big. Real big. Summer movie big. The film took in $77 million domestic (not quite PASSION OF THE CHRIST, but better than RETURN OF THE KING.) For Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard it's their biggest opening ever. (Hanks' previous best was only $30m for SAVING PVT. RYAN. Howard previously opened at $55m with GRINCH.)

What's even more impressive is the international market, where DA VINCI collected an additional $147 million. (It beats M:I-3's entire overseas take by nearly $20m.) That gives the $100m picture a haul of $224m after only 3 days. Congratulations to everyone involved.
I predicted OVER THE HEDGE to give DA VINCI strong competition for the weekend crown. While I was (ahem) slightly off, the picture did make around $37, for a strong 2nd place. (That's still off from last year's $47m opening of MADASGASCAR.)
M:I-3 took 3rd place with $11m. The film total stands at $103m, joining Cruise's other 6 films released this decade in crossing the $100m barrier. (And I'm not counting his cameo in GOLDMEMBER.)


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