Best of 2006: Top 5 Scenes

5) JACKASS: NUMBER TWO – The Bungee Jump

A wee man jumps off a bridge using a large man as his anchor. Pretty much speaks for itself.

4) CASINO ROYALE – Opening Chase

Within the first half-hour of this Bond film we get one of the greatest action set-pieces in the history of the franchise. It tops the bridge ambush from M:I-3 as the action scene of the year.

3) CHILDREN OF MEN – One-shot Ambush


This is perhaps the greatest single shot in film history, destroying everything from TOUCH OF EVIL to the entire career of Brian DePalma. [NOTE: The real scene begins about a minute before this clip, and ends a minute after.]

2) BORAT – Nude Fight

The funniest AND most offensive scene this year. I haven’t laughed this hard since THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. I love the people in the elevator.

1) DREAMGIRLS – And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going

I wrote about this scene before. It just floors me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

now that i've seen the "dreamgirls" clip, it solidifies what i feared. it's forced and overacted, not authentic at all. when jennifer holliday sings, she IS effie. you can feel her heartbreak, desperation, and pain. i would have liked to have seen hudson make the role her own. instead, she does her best holliday impression and still falls WAY short of the original.

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