Top Commentary: Brad Bird

After some of the comments about Aronofsky, I was uncertain about putting in another director with only 3 features. (I'm presenting these in more or less alphabetical order.)

Unlike Aronofsky, I think all of Brad Bird's films show him completely in control of the project. Even Ratatouille, which he took over from someone else, has a very personal stamp of authorship about it. The film's themes of friendship, family and being special are pure Bird.

Plus his episode of Amazing Stories (Family Dog) is just as terrific as his features. He's possibly the only animation director I want to see stretch into live action. And I think after his earthquake movie, but maybe not right away, he'll bounce between the 2 styles.

According to the poll on

40% think anytime he makes a movie there's a good chance it'll be a masterpiece.
32% think he is usually Great and certainly one of our Best Directors.
16% think he's solid, but only sometimes Great.
8% think he's Good, but don't think he'll ever be Great.
4% don't think there's anything special about his directing.


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