Top Commentary: Darren Aronofsky

A surprisingly low-key response to Darren Aronofsky. It seems too many of you feel he's still an unproven newbie. This is a response I didn't get later on when discussing Sofia Coppola and Todd Field. (Both coming soon to this site.)

According to the poll on

13% think anytime he makes a movie there's a good chance it'll be a masterpiece.
45% think he is usually Great and certainly one of our Best Directors.
14% think him and his films are simply okay.
14% admire his talent a lot more than his films.
14% think he's annoyingly pretentious.

He should basically continue doing his own thing. He's given us some very intriguing and sometimes very high quality movies, such as Pi and Requiem for a Dream. He may not be Hollywood's favorite director, but he knows what he's doing and usually delivers us good material. What's more is that his movies are often challenging, either visually or morally or both. A winner in my book.

I haven't really made up my mind about him. He tends to make movies I don't want to revisit.

I think his direction is alot of style and little substance. He makes good movies for sure, but I wonder how good he would be if you rob him of camera tricks and special effects. He is aslo suffering from an acute case of pretension. I wish he would go back to the drawing board and try to create something small and unambitious, you got to create a small masterpiece like Winter Light before you can create an epic like Seventh Seal.


Blogger LingoVise Says... said...

Pi knocked my socks off when I first saw it. And Requiem made my head hurt for days. The Wrestler was gritty and unexpected. He not out to make feel good movies, which is probably why I like him so much.

I just discovered your blog... but with the latest post being a year old, it appears I may have missed the boat. I hope you start writing again. It's rare to find a film whore whose prose is articulate enough to pursue. I'd be very interested to read your take on the latest cinematic efforts.

Am curious why your director list is missing Mr. Lynch?

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole experiment was completed in its entirety over at the boards at the best movie analysis podcast and boards on the web.

look for the many, many polls and final list of the Top 20 directors working today. (The list includes Mr. Lynch).

My avatar name is 1SO.

2:20 PM  

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