Top Commentary: Danny Boyle

From the feedback, it seems that most of you agree that hit or miss Danny Boyle deserves a lot of respect.

According to the poll on

6% think anytime he makes a movie there's a good chance it'll be a masterpiece.
36.5% think he is usually Great and certainly one of our Best Directors.
39.5% think he's solid, but too uneven and only sometimes Great.
9% think he's Good, but don't think he'll ever be Great.
9% don't think there's anything special about his directing.

The range of criticism and praise ranged from...

I don't always like how the movies come out... but I'll always go watch them.

Poor director. Last acts are a mess, Trainspotting was great because of the source material.

Sunshine is one of the best sci-fi movies ever. And 28 Days Later is crazy good. Trainspotting was pretty good.

I think Boyle is a great director - even what some people perceive as being uneven in his output I would attribute to someone comfortable working outside of others expectations - he takes chances and for that I respect him and put him at the top of his class. He not only changes genres but he plays within them as well and still succeeds to put his own stamp on each film much like Tarantino.

The Beach wasn't a popular movie, but I thought it was kind of interesting. It was a bit schizophrenic with the visuals, but overall pretty good. Sunshine was a fine example of how sci-fi movies should be made (with the exception of the final third) and 28 Days Later had me pretty stressed out. Stressed out in the good sense of course.

If a person can make some of the finest examples of Family, Horror, Sci-Fi and whatever genre Trainspotting is he is a true master of his craft. Boyle is my desert island director.

What I think is awesome about the guy is the diversity of subject matter and genres that he tackles. I dig his work and hope he keeps trying new things, even if he fails.

What he does well though, is take all these stolen elements and combine them into something new with his own twist. He is a genre filmaker that has no loyalty to any particular genre. Can't think of any other such filmaker.

I think Boyle's films tend to be more genre centric and when you make those films you deal with trends and motifs. I think Boyle does his best to defy and transcend the standard motifs and make good movies, more importantly good movies in the UK. Which, that might not seem a big deal, but in these times it is.

Boyle has only made a few films I'm not crazy about, but I find that most of his films get better the more I watch them. And I really like that he's all over the place, just makes him more intresting to follow. I bought The Beach to study the photography and found that while I really hate all the stuff of Leo going crazy I love everything before that point. It's a really well made movie until Leo's turn. I think that tends to be Boyle's problem, he crams so much into his films they kinda derail, like Sunshine did with the whole Fire Guy stuff, but they are still really good movies.


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