The Top Directors Working Today: Todd Haynes

And now let's take a trip deep into the art-house with a director whose vision is so unique, personal and experimental it's amazing he's even able to get financing. I have seen most all of Haynes work, including POISON and, yes, SUPERSTAR: THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY... in many ways his greatest achievement. What do you say about a man whose most accessible film is a tribute to Douglas Sirk melodrama. I love what he does, and even when I hate his films, I often find myself going back and basking in the sheer originality. (VELVET GOLDMINE is one of the few films I own that I don't even REALLY like.) He keeps the flame burning for all of us who argue about film being a form of art.

I admit, I'm a bit surprised by the outpouring of love for Haynes. I always saw him as more of a divider. It's probably because the internet is a site for intelligent film discussion and not just mainstream commentary. Even then, you rarely find a filmmaker with such personal tastes find so much acceptance. Just one of the reasons why I'm glad to be doing these polls. I get to see opinions outside my close circle of friends and make some real interesting discoveries.

According to the poll posted on Filmspotting...

12% think anytime he makes a movie, there's a good chance it'll be a masterpiece.
47% think he's sometimes Great, and always worth watching.
29% think he's unpredictable, but like that he's making movies.
6% tend to like his choices more than his films.
6% think he's annoying.

With the exception of the dreadful Velvet Goldmine, I think all of his films are great to super terrific great. He is probably among the 5 filmmakers I get the most excited about.
-Matt the movie watcher

No matter what, you can't say he's not interesting.

After seeing I'm Not There. I became convinced that he's now one of the greatest directors ever. I'm looking forward to what he does next.
-The Void99


Anonymous new movies said...

Todd Haynes is one of the most successful directors.he has unique style of working.He just perfect in whatever he done.I like His Poison the most.

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