The Top Directors Working Today: David Fincher

There are leaders and then there are followers. David Fincher is a leader. Visually inventive, technically perfect and able to take an audience anywhere he wants to go. Certainly the leading case for music video directors making features, Fincher is probably my personal #1.

His films are so dense with both story information and cinematic technique, they cannot be grasped on a single viewing. (PANIC ROOM - his self-proclaimed "Saturday Night Date Movie" - being an exception. David Fincher's work must be experienced first and analyzed later.

I'm not looking to pick a fight over who's the better director. Many of you stand by your Coen Bros. and P.T. Anderson. I'm wondering if you think he's almost as good. And if not what holds him back?

According to the poll on Filmspotting you also think highly of him.

45% think he's one of the 5 Best Director's working today.
14% think he makes the list, but can think of a dozen who are better.
38% think he's solid and sometimes Great.
3% think he's incredibly overrated.

My only issue with him, and it's really minor, is that occasionally, his films feel a little too clinical for my tastes. He's got a good grip on using the synthetic to create something organic, but every so often, if just for a moment, he lets it slip. But again, this is a minor gripe. He's amazing and I'm always looking forward to his next film.

I actually like Fincher a lot and go out of my way to see all of his films in the theaters (which I don't for just anyone). But, with my love comes a very close scrutiny. It says something when everyone gets angry at a movie like Panic Room for just being good.


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