The Top Directors Working Today: Todd Field

After IN THE BEDROOM and LITTLE CHILDREN, he’s close... real close. But right now I think Field is still a well of untapped potential. I like the way he handles actors, but I’m more enamored with the writing skills he brings to difficult projects. He likes to break the rules, and somehow is able to get away with it. His direction is visually very fluid and a masterpiece is in his future, but I think he’s still a couple of films away.

According to the poll on

4% think that with only 2 features, he's already proven his Greatness.
64% think he definitely has potential for Greatness
8% think he's Good, but don't see him doing anything Great.
16% can take or leave his direction.
8% have heard of him, but are not interested in his work.

I'm incredibly close to calling him a bona fide genius. I think In the Bedroom is one of the best movies this decade, and I really liked Little Children as well, proving that his first feature wasn't a total fluke. I think he needs at least one more success to be classified as a true auteur, however.

I see a potential for Greatness in his movies, even though I don't particularly like either.
-El Duderino

His two films to date have been "small" films. Once he makes his epic the Oscars will start rolling in. Though I'm not sure I want him to make it.


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