Lend Me Your Ears: Hey Mr. DJ

If you plan to go dancing this weekend, here are 6 very new and mostly unknown songs that will let you know you’re in a good club.

“Avalon” – Juliet: Dreamy dance flies away on Juliet’s pretty vocals. Like a club hit from Dido.

“Electric Mistress” – Jamiroquai: Jamiroquai’s dance floor popularity is world wide…except for in the U.S. where they’re looked at as one-hit wonders (for ‘Virtual Insanity”). This track is as good as they get.

“Hung Up” – Madonna: I had given up on Madonna after “American Life”, but this track is as catchy and agreeably lightweight as “Into The Groove”.

“No Daddy” – Teairra Mari: Great beat, great attitude.

“Raise Up” – King Kapisi: Almost the same great beat as “No Daddy” but I love how the lyrics reference movies like BRAVEHEART, THE LORD OF THE RINGS and even THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.

“You're Gonna Want Me” – Tiga: I’ve been listening to Tiga ever since their great video which used dancing marionettes. They’ve been around for a few years now; this is their best song.


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