“I had no life. Now I have a life.”

Barely holding back tears, Timothy Treadwell describes how living amongst the wild grizzly bears of Alaska has changed him. After 13 years, he was killed by the very creatures that gave his life meaning. Treadwell is a mesmerizing subject, and in the hands of director Warner Herzog, GRIZZLY MAN is one of the best documentaries in recent years.
Herzog wanted to tell Timothy’s story, not as a tribute, but because Herzog believes that nature should be treated with respectful suspicion, and we must never believe it's possible to live in harmony with it. Get too close (like Timothy did) and it will destroy us. (Herzog calls it “the overwhelming indifference of nature.”)
This isn’t a hatchet job on Treadwell, a la Michael Moore. Herzog may think Timothy is a fool, but he respects his subject enough to let him get his own point across through footage shot by Treadwell before his death. We see why Timothy loves these creatures and how he sees himself less and less a part of the “human world”.

It becomes increasingly obvious that Timothy has disconnected with human society, but you always understand the logic of his passion. Much like DEAD MAN WALKING, Herzog doesn't push his agenda, and lets the audience draw its own conclusions. Ultimately, however, there is only one conclusion to draw...this is a man who loved his bears a little too much. Fascinating.


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