2005: Top 25 Songs (Part 2)

I hope a bunch of you sifted through the Part 1 of my Top 25. Now for the main course...The Top 10.

10. “I Like The Way” by Bodyrockers
This is the song that introduced me to Bodyrockers. I first heard it while watching a certain TV show (okay, it was “Alias”. Stop laughing.) Possibly the best discovery their music supervisor has ever made. The song’s been a big hit around the world and was also used in “Las Vegas”. It currently plays on movie screens in a new Diet Coke spot. And if you like this song, you’ll like the whole CD. [Link]

9. “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz
The worst thing about Gorillaz smash single was when I read the lyrics. It all sounds beautifully sad with its chorus about windmills and that almost crying squeak of “Feel Good”. Turns out the song makes absolutely no sense (much like the rap section with the great line of lining them up “like ass cracks.”) But the wildly disparate elements blend into a beautiful whole. [Link]

8. “Low” by Coldplay
Coldplay likes their sad songs, but I think that sadness is more powerful when backed up by a more propulsive beat. Songs like “Fix You” and “The Scientist” will always be their bread and butter, but for a band that so wants to be the new U2, “Low” is their equivalent to “New Year’s Day.”

7. “God Killed The Queen” by Louis XIV
In the suitcase of great Louis XIV songs off of “The Best Little Secrets Are Kept”, this one ranks so high because it packs an immense crunch. 2 minutes of no apologies glam rock that tips the hat to the Sex Pistols and T. Rex. It’s rocks its bell bottomed flairs off to such a great beat, you could almost count it as a dance song. [Link]

6. “Believe” by The Chemical Brothers
If you’re not into Electronica, you probably won’t like this song. There was a moment in the mid 90’s when The Chemical Brothers became almost famous in America, but their type of Big Beat never went over well in the states. That being said, the Brothers are the most consistent quality act on the scene. (Yes, even more than Fatboy Slim.) This is the techno, dance hall track of the year. [Link]

5. “Hung Up” by Madonna
And just like that…Madonna was back. While the final word on her new CD has yet to be written, "Hung Up" placed her back into the spotlight. When the track comes on in dance clubs, the crowd goes lollipops. I wonder how much work went into its creation because one of the hardest things to do in music is craft a great pop song and the final product sounds so effortless. [Link]

4. “Finding Out True Love Is Blind” by Louis XIV
The big one. My final Louis XIV selection is their most musically complex. The concept itself is simple, a musical shout-out to a wide, eclectic group of women done with supreme tongue-in-cheek style. (“I want Ms. Little Smart Girl, with her glasses and all her books. And I want the stupid girl who gives me all those dirty looks.”) The icing on the cake is the female sounding chorus, a cool Vodka Tonic wedged between shots of Tequila. [Link]

3. “You Gonna Want Me” by Tiga
Tiga is a Montreal remixer and Producer. His specialty (which he does better than anyone) is giving older songs a fresh dance floor twist. Previously, he reworked Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses At Night” and Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” (which was made into the funniest, best video of the last 5 years.)

“You Gonna Want Me” gets its chorus from an early 90’s dance floor favorite. Assisting Tiga is Scissor Sister Jake Shears. The verses are delivered with a singular trademark cool and the beat whips this into the song most likely to stay in your head for years to come. [Link]

2. “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand
A catchy chorus in my mind rivaled only by “She loves you yea, yea, yea.” This song comes out firing all thrusters, but the first 15 seconds is just a warm up to the songs party stompin’ hook. The fun lyrics and willingness to do anything for the sake of entertaining music bring to mind another 60’s band…The Monkeys.
This song perfectly defines what I like in a hit single. Sure, there may have been more complex melodies put out with deeper lyrics than “lucky, lucky/you’re so lucky”, but this is a song like “Hey Ya!” You can just hit repeat and let the joy roll on and on. [Link]

1. “White Shadows” by Coldplay
After all the fun songs in my top 10, why is my #1 slot going to an obscure cut from X&Y? Well, despite this list, I did hear a lot of emotional, well-written and sad songs this year. (The best collection of these songs was “Plans” by Death Cab For Cutie). And I would nod my head in approval of the emotional tone and image filled lyrics.

“White Shadows” is the only song that got to me on a personal level. The song is about the constant search for something both unknown and elusive that will provide an almost spiritual stability (as the gospel sounding finale will back up). Plus, like I said back at #8, I prefer my Coldplay with a rock-fueled pulse.

The song hums along fine for the first couple of minutes, and then there’s an unexpected change-up. The vocals get low, more whisper than growl, and they sing about “Everything you ever wanted/In a permanent space.” And that was it for me.

I know this sounds more “Dear Diary” than impartial critic, but that’s what happens when a great song gets under your skin. I didn’t go out and join the Peace Corps or anything, but I felt here was a song that understood that intangible something nagging at me.

Strangely, even the band itself has cast this track aside. During two one-hour shows that aired to promote the CD the band played nearly every song. Neither time did they play the Best Song Of 2005.


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