2007: Top 10 Original Songs

10. "Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas (from MEET THE ROBINSONS)

I wouldn't call myself a Rob Thomas fan - few of us would - but every now he then he makes a song that really gets inside your head. Pleasently catchy.

9. "No Ceiling" - Eddie Vedder (from INTO THE WILD)

Short and to the point. Vedder's contribution to the film was considerable, with some of his best songs since "Vs."

8. "Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)" - Cast (from HAIRSPRAY)

Usually when a musical hits the big screen they throw on an extra song in an attempt to snag an Oscar. The song is usually weak, but will often win because a vote for one song is like a vote for all of them. This is the rare exception.

7. "If You Want Me" - Marketa Irglova & Glen Hansard (From ONCE)

This was one of the most magical moments in a movie full of low-key, unexpected magic. The song is just beautiful, but it's forever linked in my mind by the unbroken shot of Irglova walking down the street, singing to herself.

6. "Long Nights" - Eddie Vedder (from INTO THE WILD)

Another beauty from Vedder that really gets inside the mind of the film's main character.

5. "Le Festin" - Camille (from RATATOUILLE)

If you're a fan of RATATOUILLE, you'll recognize this one. It plays in the movie a couple of times. I don't know French, but I know great and this is great.

4. "Happy Working Song" - Amy Adams (From ENCHANTED)

This very funny take on "Whistle While You Work" is a Disney Classic.

3. "Ladies Choice" - Zac Efron (from HAIRSPRAY)

The other original song from HAIRSPRAY is a classic "get up and move" sock-hopper.

2. "Falling Slowly" - Marketa Irglova & Glen Hansard (From ONCE)

Anyone who wonders "what's so special about this film ONCE?", your answer starts right here. Our couple sits down in a music shop and creates instant, intense chemistry, pure movie magic and a great song all in one shot. I ache to hear them perform this at the Oscars.

1. "That's How You Know" - Amy Adams (from ENCHANTED)

I think this is the song to beat at the Oscars. Possibly the high point of the film, and one of the year's best scenes. This song will get in your head and (unless others are around who haven't seen the movie) you won't mind one bit.


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I think the Rob Thomas song, Little Wonders, should win the Oscar for Best Song.

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