Top Commentary: Tim Burton

From the feedback on Tim Burton I got a pretty even split between those who still think he's great once in a while, and those who don't trust him anymore.

According to the poll on

0% think anytime he makes a movie there's a good chance it'll be a masterpiece.
4% think he is usually Great and certainly one of our Best Directors.
41% think he's solid, but only sometimes Great.
41% think he used to be Great, but don't trust him anymore.
14% think he's always been all flash and no substance.

It also looks like Sweeney Todd was a bit of a comeback for Burton.

Sweeney Todd was his best film in awhile (I didn't see Big Fish), but he hasn't made a great movie since Mars Attacks! over ten years ago.

Sweeney Todd has somewhat renewed my faith. Planet of the Apes through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was an ugly stretch for me.

For 10 years almost no one could touch this guy then he went off the rails. After Todd though I'm inclined to get excited for his subsequent film.

I think I've become rather oversaturated with his style by now. I wish he'd do another Ed Wood.

I loved his early work from Pee-Wee to Ed Wood. Then, everything got silly and I just don't have the same enthusiasm for his films that I used to have back in the early 90s. It seems like he's either going for a big box office hit (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, or Planet of the Apes) or going for an Oscar (Big Fish & Sweeney Todd).


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