Top Commentary: The Coen Bros.

Preliminary research for this project made me believe The Coen Bros. would rank very high. So I posted a much tougher poll on

21% think they ARE the Best Director's working today.
53% rank them towards the top of the list.
12% think they make the list, but can think of a dozen directors who are better.
12% think they can be Great, but they're more hit and miss.
3% only like a couple of their films.
0% think they're incredibly overrated.

Negativity is my specialty so here is the only negative thing I can say about them. They only make screwball comedies (Arizona, Lebowski, O Brother) and neo-noir (Blood Simple, Millers Crossing, Man Who Wasnt There) with a few mish mashes of the two genres (Fargo, Fink). NCFOM is a little different because the screenplay was adapted. Sometimes I wish they diversified a little, their adaptation of To the White Sea fell through, which is a damn shame, it could have been something. Hopefully with Oscar wins, they can try their hands at more ambitious projects instead of staying in their safety zone.

I'm a big fan of the Coens, but it's hard to say if they're the best there is. It is easy to argue that someone like P.T. Anderson comes out with masterpieces every time, but I also have to commend other directors on taking chances.


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