The Top Directors Working Today: Cameron Crowe

Like Wes Anderson, he’s been great and he’ll no doubt be great again…Right? Coming off of VANILLA SKY and the fiasco ELIZABETHTOWN, you have to start wondering what’s broken and is there anything he can do to fix it?

According to the poll on Filmspotting.net... people seem to agree with me. Crowe scored some of the lowest marks of anybody on the list.

0% think there's no slump, and he's as Great as ever.
18% think he used to be Great, and he'll be Great again.
30% think he used to be Great, but don't know if he'll ever be Great again.
22% think he's Good, but don't think he'll ever make a Great film.
30% think he's always been overrated.

I thought he had it all with Almost Famous but after Elizabethtown, he needs to reinvent himself or just stop making films.
-The Void99

How are people differentiating Cameron Crowe the screenwriter from Cameron Crowe the director?
Hint: He's average at one and below average at the other.

I like all of his films, some of them quite a bit, but I'd have trouble calling him great.


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