The Top Directors Working Today: Alfonso Cuaron

Right now, Cuaron strikes me as one of the most creative and original talents making movies. I didn’t really notice his work until Y Tu Mama Tambien, and he followed up the most artistic Harry Potter film with the highly acclaimed Children of Men. He shows great skill both with his camera movement and his unique story choices. Y Tu Mama is where he gained respectability as a director, but Children of Men may be the one that hints at an Oscar-winning masterpiece somewhere in his future.

Is he currently at the peak of his powers, or is the best still to come?

According to the poll on

39% think he's one of the Best, and he's getting better.
25% think he's Great, but wouldn't put him in the Top 10.
25% think he's solid, but only sometimes Great.
4% think he's Good, but don't think he'll ever be Great.
7% think there's nothing special about his directing.

No Cuaron film (with the exception of Prisoner of Azakaban) is complete without the gorgeous cinematography of Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki. He's still the best director of the entire Harry Potter franchise.
-The Void99

He's great, but I think a good part of that is down to my love for Chivo.

Too early to rank him among my favs but he has potential coming out his ying-yang.
-matt the movie watcher


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