The Top Directors Working Today: Werner Herzog

How does one analyze the skills of Werner Herzog? It's near impossible to condense all the history into a paragraph, and then use it to predict his future potential. His films are always enhanced by the stories of how they were made, not just the Kinski films, but even the recent RESCUE DAWN. He was known as a maniac back in the 70's and 80's, and he's mellowed... but only a little bit.

My brain tells me that his best days are behind him, and you can't count on Herzog to still deliver Greatness. But 3 years ago, he released one of my favorite recent Documentaries, GRIZZLY MAN, and I'm extremely curious to see his take on BAD LIEUTENANT (a film whose original I actually despised and laughed at.)

One thing's certain, he's still not playing it safe. But is he Great or just occasionally daring?
According to the poll posted on Filmspotting...

53% think anytime he makes a movie, there's a good chance it'll be a masterpiece.
31% think he's a Great Director, still able to deliver something fresh.
8% think he's uneven, but well worth watching.
8% are only interested if the reviews are good.

He's an interesting personality, and his views on nature are intriguing to hear. Plus, he deserves all kudos for doing the impossible... DRAGGING A STEAMSHIP ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN. Can Michael Bay do that without visual effects?
-The Void99

Filmmaker. Eccentric. Superhero. Knows the taste of a shoe. He also does the best DVD commentaries you're ever going to hear.

With the passing of Ingmar Bergman, I actually think Werner Herzog is now the greatest living director, so I would say any movie he makes could be a masterpiece. That said, I think he's far from infallible (as Cobra Verde and the ending of Rescue Dawn are evidence of).


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Nice. Herzog's definitely one of our favorite directors.

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