Did you see Gorillaz perform live?

You may or may not know that Gorillaz is not a real band. They are an animated Britpop collective whose only permanent members are Damon Albarn (producer and lead singer of Blur) and Jamie Hewlett, who has nothing to do with the music, but animates the bands four characters.

Very little is known as to who actually plays the instruments and makes up the other three band members. It's believed that up to 50 musicians have at one time played some part in a Gorillaz track.

And at the recent MTV European Music Video Awards they played live. A 3-D Animated Performance.

How's that? Actually the answer is both simple and complicated. Click here for an article that explains how they did it.
If you didn't see it, Click Here and be amazed and impressed. The technology isn't perfect, but it opens up some interesting possibilities. Imagine throwing a party and having Aerosmith or Tori Amos play for your guests.


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